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About the TeenScreen National Center

We are committed to translating science into service by working to have mental health screenings incorporated into routine adolescent health care.  Through our TeenScreen Primary Care and our TeenScreen Schools and Communities programs, 2,635 primary care providers and 634 schools and community-based sites in 47 states make mental health screenings available to teens.  We also work to promote public policies that expand access to mental health screenings. Read more in the TeenScreen National Center’s Annual and Milestone Reports.


The TeenScreen National Center is a non-profit health initiative affiliated with the Columbia University Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Our program grew out of research conducted by Columbia in the 1990s which found that screening is effective in accurately identifying signs of possible mental illness and risk of suicide in youth. TeenScreen was first implemented  in schools and communities.  When new expert guidelines recommended routine screening as part of medical care in 2009, TeenScreen expanded its program to include outreach to primary health care professionals.  Read more in the TeenScreen National Center Brochure.

TeenScreen National Center Support

The TeenScreen National Center is funded by private foundations, organizations and individuals committed to the early identification of mental illness in youth and prevention of teen suicide.  We have received generous core support form The Carmel Hill Fund, a private family foundation, as well as from The Sallie Foundation and individual donors.

The TeenScreen National Center does not receive support or funding from the pharmaceutical industry and does not advocate for any specific treatment.

To read more about TeenScreen’s funding in an independent report conducted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy click here.

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Our Staff

Our staff includes experts in public policy, public health, program development, program management, and research. 

What Others Are Saying

Legislators, expert panels, federal and state agencies, and health professional groups are increasingly focused on the critical issue of early identification of mental illness. More than 50 national organizations support mental health checkups for youth. 


The TeenScreen National Center has partnered with leading mental health, education and primary care organizations throughout the U.S. to develop best practices, advocate for adolescent mental health screenings, and promote suicide prevention efforts.


The TeenScreen National Center for Mental Health Checkups assists local communities, schools, communities, primary care settings and families interested in implementing a mental health screening initiative.